Love is love: The best LGBT romance novels

Love is love: The best LGBT romance novels

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“A Gentleman’s Position,” “Roller Girl,” “Fast Connection” and “For Real.”

2016-06-28 16:01:14

thank you Sarah! Congrats to you all!

2016-06-28 16:02:33

Our self published, bisexual romance was reviewed by in WaPo and we are honored! :// …

2016-06-28 16:03:36

Thank you. This is a wonderful list to be on.

2016-06-28 16:03:57

Thank you, Sarah!

2016-06-28 16:25:50

any gay romances written by men?

2016-06-28 16:29:56

Why is that relevant? Women are queer too.

2016-06-28 16:30:51

Congratulations!! That's awesome!

2016-06-28 16:34:40

Everyone I know is queer

2016-06-28 16:35:29

You asked about gender, not sexuality.

2016-06-28 16:39:02

some sites are biased gay vs. m/m so I need to know where to send review copies

2016-06-28 16:51:55

thank you!

2016-06-28 17:25:27

Omg, talk about impossible choices!

2016-06-28 17:28:04

So much conflict, which is basically all I want in a romance. I’m so wrecked by that book.

2016-06-28 17:29:56

I love that whole series and Think of England has a special place in my heart.

2016-06-28 17:32:07

But I should add that For Real made me cry & I basically have a heart fashioned from ice. So.

2016-06-28 17:33:44

I love how KJ weaves her plots! And romantic with humor. The best!

2016-06-28 17:36:17

<3 <3 <3 Oh, I'm so glad. I mean...well, YKWIM. That book means everything to me.

2016-06-28 17:37:29

No! Ice heart is a good thing. If I’m moved, I know I’m reading something important.

2016-06-28 17:38:20

My heart is made of wet spaghetti.

2016-06-28 18:51:07

Thank you so much. :)

2016-06-29 09:07:03

My favorite of the series and well-deserved. Some of the best histrom out there, period.

2016-06-29 13:50:53

Looking for a LGBTQ romance?

2016-06-29 18:37:18

is this of the month or year or ?

2016-06-29 19:18:08

The headline is misleading. While I'm certain these are in the best, they're really just four I love.

2016-06-29 19:29:28

I may have gotten a lil angry thinking you meant all time bc I'm on the internet and thus have strong opinions on everything.

2016-06-29 19:29:42

but these do all look interesting.

2016-06-29 20:08:19

I'm always up for recs!

2016-06-29 20:19:33

Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters and The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith are my favorites.

2016-06-29 20:43:57

I’ve read both of them, but neither are romance novels. I write about romance novels.

2016-06-29 21:00:46

I guess TTV is stretching it calling it romance but TPoS is definitely a romance novel. I checked its wiki page for genre.

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